Welcome VisitorsWhen We Meet

Worship Service - 10:00-11:30am Sundays
Sunday School - 10:45-11:30am (ages 2+)
Small Groups - School Terms 1 & 3
   > Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm (town)
   > Thursdays 7:30-9:00pm (Darling Farms)
Youth Group - see calendar (Year 7-12)

When You Come

Expect a laid-back, family style worship service featuring:

  • A blend of contemporary & traditional music
  • An opportunity to take communion
  • A time for corporate prayer
  • A practical sermon expounded from the Bible
  • A selection of home made refreshments for morning tea

What Else to Expect

Most people dress in a casual, yet tasteful, style. It is common to see people wearing shorts in the summer and jeans in the winter.  You are welcome to dress formally, but many do not. 

We encourage people to worship genuinely in a way that glorifies God but does not distract others from this same pursuit.  When worshipping together in song, we like to stand.  While some raise their hands or clap, others take a more subdued and solemn approach.

We use our bibles in church.  If you have one, bring it.  If you don't, that's okay.  We have plenty here for you.

We encourage outsiders and seekers to come to our services.  That being said, we design our service for Christians to worship, to learn, and to enjoy each other's company.  We recognize those still investigating the claims of Jesus may not understand all that we do, but that's okay.  Pastor Jonathan and the leaders are available outside of the service to hear any concerns you may have.