Elder/Pastor - Jonathan Hoffman (2010)

Elder - Ian Cole 

Elder/Secretary - Wayne Harrison (2014)

Deaconess - Bethany Downes (2014)

Deacon/Treasurer - Max Ingleton 

Deacon/Secretary - Peter Hawkins (2008)

Deacon - Michael Marshman (2011)

Deacon - Karl Macdonald (2012)

Public Office - Lynn Hawkins (2014)

  • Role: Pastor
  • Came to Bourke: July 2010
  • Family: Joanna (wife), Ellie (5), Elijah (4), Joshua (3), and Noah (1)
  • Testimony: After being raised in a Christian home, I personally put my trust in Christ as my Savior over the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school, while I was away at a Christian camp.  Some early fruits of this conversion were a deep hunger for and delight in God’s Word, a fresh conviction regarding habitual sins, and a desire to share my newfound faith with others.  I was baptized in Lake Mead, AZ the following summer.  
  • Call to Ministry: While working for a large law firm in Washington, D.C. after graduating Wheaton College, God instilled a growing conviction to devote my life to serving Him through a ministry of the Word.  I came to this conclusion while praying about it with our couples’ small group, sharing with close friends in vocational ministry, and seeking the counsel of former professors and pastors who knew me well.  Once I accepted that the Lord was putting this call on my life, I decided to undergo pastoral and theological training in seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  This call has been affirmed by several leaders in the church since that time.  After graduating in 2008, I interned as a church planting resident at Ambassador Bible Church (Brea, CA) before accepting the call to be a sole pastor here at Bourke Christian Church in 2010.
  • Favourite Bible Verse: Romans 4:3-4
  • Other Interests: Sports (particularly of the American variety: St. Louis Rams, L.A. Lakers), Church History, Reading the newspaper
  • Role: Elder / Secretary
  • Came to Bourke: Originally arriving circa 1982 for Cornerstone, Wayne has returned to the bush in 2014 to take on the role of Manager for 2WEB Outback Radio. 
  • Family: Jan Harrison
  • Role: Elder
  • Came to Bourke: at birth
  • Family: Louise (wife), Becky, Matt, Jane, Andrew, Jess, Stephen